Thursday, February 12, 2009

A bit of a scare

We went in for her 2 weeks check up on February 2nd. We told them that she had a cold and when they checked her oxygen they saw she was at 88% for oxygen saturation in her blood, should be at least 92%. They ended up calling the ambulance to come pick her up, the dr believed she had RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) and might have pnemonia. They put her on oxygen right away. I, of course was in tears and went with her in the ambulance over to Madigan hospital at Fort Lewis Army Base. They admitted her right away, keeping her on oxygen. It was not easy seeing our 15 day old baby girl needing oxygen.

This was our home for 4 days, from February 2nd til the 6th. We were lucky that they allowed Ben and I to both stay with her the entire time. Ben and I slept on a 2 1/2 foot chair that turned into a bed... NOT comfortable, but at least we got to be there.

Anyway, we're so happy to be home now and she's doing awesome... She's not coughing or anything. We have a follow up appointment for the cardiologist on the 17th to see how the hole in her heart s doing, she has a vsd (ventricular septal defect). They are not concerned about it, they say it is in a good place and that it should just close up on its own.
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