Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bird Feeder Fun

Here is our bird feeder and how we made it.
  Here is everything I started with.                                                 1. A clean and dry milk carton 2. A dowel rod for the perch 3. Elmers Glue 4. Rope 5. Two Packages of colored Popsicle Sticks. (I only dipped into the second bag a tiny bit)
I bought the already colored Popsicle sticks at the dollar store. They're smaller, but two wouldn't stack on the milk carton so I had to cut the top layer shorter. It was basically ten non cut on the bottom and ten cut this much on the top on each side.
Here are the scraps, I was thinking about using them on the roof for shingles, but I just didn't want to complicate the whole thing so I didn't.

Poke a hole, about the size of a pencil for the dowel 
(don't forget to do this or you'll glue sicks where the dowel needs to go later) 
The milk carton I bought had a plastic easy pour spout on it, so I just had to cut a small hole on the other side so later I'd be able to put the rope through both sides.

 I cut the hole and did the first two sides. I know how Alexis' attention span is and was guessing  she wouldn't be interested in doing the entire project...
 First side done....
 Second side done.
 She was so excited when I brought this out and told her what we were making. She couldn't wait to get started on her half.
 Okay, so, I have to admit, when I first started this project, I thought I was going to have to take a major step back and just let Alexis put them on as she wanted to put them on. I truly believed her sides wouldn't be straight or even put close together...boy was I wrong. She even grabbed the glue and was able to squeeze it around. I started her with the area I wanted her to glue, she was happy to tell me I made a girl! 
 Here we go, mommy was taking deep breathes and she put them on, pushed them gently close together and did it perfectly, I was little perfectionist..wonder where she gets that from? haha
 Here's the finished product, she was so proud, but bummed when I told her it might take a while to get birds to come visit.
After she got done with her two sides I put the dowel through the front all the way to the back.
Then I put the rope through and tied it at the bottom (in the bird feeder)
Put the bird food in and we were good to go.

No visitors yet.. :(


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