Thursday, April 26, 2012

Laminating Worksheets

Meet "The Laminator"

I know, a little corny, okay maybe a lot, but I have a lot of respect for my new found friend. In starting our very light homeschool journey, my girls are only 2 and 3, I have been so happy with all the amazing websites that have FREE printable worksheets for preschoolers. 


Little Monkey Printables

Free Printables 

I Can Teach My Child 

Fun Activies 

ABC Scripture 


 I have been so thankful and excited that these and so many others are free, until I started printing them out. I would watch Alexis go through them so fast and then it was done and I either threw it away or saved it in her expandable file. But with most of them meeting the big round monster, I felt we were just throwing money away. With the cost of paper and ink, it was really bothering me. So as we have very slowly gotten into a homeschooling schedule, I came across this ingenious solution to going through all the ink and paper in another moms blog.


If you have a laminating machine, you can laminate all those worksheets that your children can work on time and time again and by using a dry erase pen, just wipe it off and it’s ready for next time.

Who knew I’d love a laminating machine SO much? Well maybe some people that know me aren't completely shocked that I do. :)


You can find the Scotch Thermal Laminator on for about $30. 


It came with 2 samples of the Scotch laminating sheets, you can buy 50 for $12 or you can save yourself some money and buy the Universal3 Mil Clear Letter Size Thermal Laminating Pouches that work just as good, I couldn’t tell the difference and you get 100 for around $12.


With this new system, I don’t even feel bad letting Kaitlyn, our 2 year old, take a crack at some worksheets, just erase and it’s as good as new!

 Exited to start on these weekly (now laminated) scripture memory cards.  :)

Until next time!

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