Friday, May 25, 2012

Alexis and The Little Boy

Well, at age 3, Alexis has her first boyfriend. I am claiming it and trying not to get too upset that she’s old enough to like a boy and vice versa.  

This is the same little boy that a few weeks ago had pulled her down by yanking the hood of her coat at the playground. He’s at the playground a lot and ever since the day that daddy stood up for his little girl, he’s been very sweet with her.

I have thought for a while that they have a crush on each other. They have given each other hugs before, but today they gave each other tons of hugs, he kept asking her to follow him while wanting her to chase him and....deep breath...he let her ride...his scooter. At one point almost taking his little brother, age 2, down to give it to her. Ok, so that wasn't so nice.

So, I finally asked his name today as they were playing because I figured this was a name I might want to write in her baby book. He told me his name is S-E-A-N, yes he spelled it out. Also, he's 5, yep, she’s going for the older man.  They are so cute as they run around and play. It’s very sweet to see how he is with her. He even sneaked around the corner at one point where they had a little privacy and gave her a hug. No worries, I was RIGHT there watching every sly move.

After they played about an hour he had to go so we told the girls we had to go as well. As we were walking away, Sean asked her where she lived, we didn't tell him. Then he went on to ask her for her phone number. Yes, this 5 year old boy asked for my 3 year old daughters phone number.

So there you have it, my 3 year old has her first boyfriend. My hearts broken just a little and this is JUST the beginning. Wow it starts early, so many more boys to meet and years to go through this. Not sure how parents handle this, I know it doesn't get any easier.

Jesus please protect our sweet babies even when they don’t think they are our babies anymore. I now know the truth, your babies are ALWAYS your babies.

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