Friday, May 18, 2012

Terrible Twos? No joke!

I’m thinking that I just might, MIGHT, have the most stubborn 2 year old on the planet. Yeah, I know, you think you do don't you? I really know this isn’t true, but my goodness she puts up a fight over the simplest requests.

This morning at the end of our brunch, she decided it would be fun to throw the rest of her eggs and potatoes on the carpet.  Right away I told her to pick it up, but of course she yelled, “NO!” So I put her in time out, she HATES time out! She fought and screamed the entire 2 minutes. I’m sure these neighbors are about to call CPS if they haven’t already! After the 2 minutes, I walked her back over to the mess and asked her to pick it up, again, I got a, “NO!” and a nasty look. This time when I went to put her in time out, she fell on her knees and wouldn’t budge so I picked her up which then she went completely limp. My goodness it’s hard to pick up 27 pounds of dead weight! After another 2 minutes of screaming in the corner I tried again and she just sat there starring at it, but didn’t say anything this time. After ignoring my request 3 times, I put her back in time out. This time, even though she was crying she didn’t fight it as much and stayed with her face in the corner. After another 2 minutes, I walked her back over to the food and asked her to clean it up. As she slowly leaned forward to pick up a piece of potato, my heart felt peace. FINALLY!!!  I WON!  Okay, it's not ALL about "winning" but if she doesn't start listening I might be looking of the next train outta here! ha

You might be wondering why I'm posting about this, well because today was a much more positive response and I'm proud of her. I know consistency pays off, just happy it's starting to! Hopefully she will save mommy and daddy some grief and start listening better.

On a somewhat same note, although my dog Nico isn't with us anymore. Throughout the 8 years of having him I joked with family and friends several times that there must be a reason God gave me such a crazy, trying dog! Now I know that this must be it and the best thing I learned from my stubborn, adorable Nico is, BE CONSISTENT! 

Every day I’m learning more and more from my girls about parenting. I have MANY moments of frustration more times during the day than I could ever count, but almost every day there is something new I’m discovering about myself and today I learned that it is possible to stay calm and get something positive from my incredibly stubborn, incredibly adorable 2 year old!


  1. I remember your Nyco story of him taking off down the street and you chasing him in your socks. :)

  2. A friend of mine posted a picture on facebook for mother's day that said: Motherhood the only place you can experience heaven and hell at the same time. Made me laugh because it's so true!