Thursday, May 3, 2012

God's Blessings On Our Bank Account

I just have to brag on God’s blessings.   

Since my husband is in the military, we get paid every month for him going to school, we only have a few months left of this so we are trying hard to appreciate this extra money while we can.  My husband just started a new class this week. While he is in between classes we get a significant amount less than we normally get, this month we got $418 less.  This really scared us since at the moment, we’re really counting our pennies and trying desperately to get money into savings.  Minutes after seeing how much less we got paid I got an email that we had sold a book that we’d been trying to sell for a while on  A few minutes after that , I saw that we got his pay for the extra reserve weekend he had last month, which we were not happy about at the time because he’s hardly ever home. Yesterday, we got a check in the mail for a refund we had no idea was coming to us, but we’ll take it!  Add it up and these blessings equal $399.36. So basically, we’re only $18.64 short this month.   

Every penny of what God has provided will be going to savings this month even though money is a little tight.  I will not take Him for granted!   Goes to show, if we put our trust in God, He will provide.  What amazing blessings He has given us when we do not deserve it!  Thank you Jesus for providing this reminder to us that you are listening to our prayers and you are an amazing Father!

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