Monday, July 2, 2012

Learning How to School at Home

I say that we're learning how to school because this is all new to us. The girls are learning their numbers, letters, colors, shapes, how to write, etc and I'm learning how to become the teacher I want to be and the teacher they need me to be. We're taking one day at a time. We're having fun learning together! Right now nothing is scheduled, everything is very random, but it's working for us right now as we learn to school.

This is what we did today. I have a plan in place to be more focused and scheduled later, but this is what we're doing now.

We read this.
We watched this, on purpose. By on purpose I mean, I don't just sit the girls down in front of the tv and go do something else, even though that's what I would like to do when I want to get cleaning done. We watch together and really focus on learning. After we watch, we go through the book, which goes over the same words as the video. We went through the book twice since Lexi is interested in learning the words.

We took a break and had lunch
Then went to the playground.
 When we got home we watched Team Umizoomi while we had a light snack.
(I love this show!)

We played SHAPES Bingo

Lexi did a self portrait and wrote her name on a card to her Great Grandparents.

I put Kaity down for a nap and did these worksheets with Lexi. I didn't get a picture of most of the finished worksheets, we were just moving too fast and having too much fun!
She counted and told me which numbers were missing.

 I have been so happy with how well she's learning the sounds of the letters.
She did this on her FIRST try, with no help from me. All I said was that the doggie can't go through walls.
She did need a lot of help from me as she doesn't know all her letters, but she did good and wanted to do it again.

The details on this are pretty small, so she did have a little trouble distinguishing which ones were different, but she had fun anyway.
This was our first time doing rhyming words. :) We'll see if she does better next time.

She loves anything were she gets to paste.
She had lots of fun pasting Angus the dog where he needed to go.
 That was our day! Besides lots of fun before, during and after. :)


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