Monday, July 2, 2012

Sean and Lexi...a true preschool romance

  The girls were busy in the playground when I saw Sean come out with another boy. They had guns. They looked like they had a mission.  When I told Lexi that Sean was up by the slide, she immediately stopped what she was doing and ran up there saying, "Sean's up there?" I admit, I was very curious to see how Sean would be with her having his older friend there. Right away he started playing with Lexi and when Kaity started climbing the stairs the older boy said, "Here comes someone else!" Lexi said, in a very protective tone, "That's my sister!" The older boy said, "Okay, our mission is to protect the girls!" And so they did. Shooting at every invisible "bad guy" you can imagine. Sean right away took the girls over to where their supply of guns were to get them fully armed as well. First handing a gun to Lexi and then gently handing a gun to Kaity. It's so sweet how he includes her as well.

 The gang off on their mission.
Kaity was a little behind the group...she might have also been holding the gun backwards?? 

After they climbed back up and were driving the ship, I heard Lexi say to Sean, "I love you!" He looked at her and without hesitation said, "I love you too!"

Meet Sean

 When we told Sean we had to go home to eat dinner since it was almost 6. He said, "You can go across the street and eat and I'll be here when you're done, I promise! They even have seats!"  haha  I told Sean that since it will be nicer weather we'll be over there more this week. He said okay and gave Lexi and then Kaity a hug.
  They're just so cute! 
He's truly winning the heart of mommy and little sister as well. I think daddy has even warmed up to him. :)

Disclaimer: I do not like taking pictures of other peoples kids, but oh my goodness, how can I not take a picture of her first boyfriend?

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